Join CBA

Who Can Join?

You can!  Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in the business community of Crystal, Minnesota and the surrounding area.  The CBA is made up of local business owners, their representatives, and local professionals who want to see Crystal have a thriving business atmosphere.  We have members who work for all types of business, big or small.

How to Join

You can sign up today using this online form, or if you prefer, just show up to one of our meetings and check it out!

Membership is only $98 per year.

Contact our membership director at  if you have any questions.

Why Join?

  1. It’s local.
    No one knows the local community better than those that serve the community members of this area.
  2. It’s useful.
    Members truly appreciate the connections they make with one another. And CBA resources provide real benefits to member’s bottom lines.
  3. It’s about growth.
    Members take advantage of professional development opportunities offered through the CBA.

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